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The growth of water and waste water networks require high-tech plastic pipe fittings.

" Arvand Kariz " company has found in 1996 to support these projects.

" Arvand Kariz " polyethylene pipes are made of  HDPE GRADE  PE40, PE80, PE100  to convey drinking water and fluids at pressure up to 16 bar.

Now, the company produces polyethylene pipes with outer diameters from 16 to 315 mm.

" Arvand Kariz " compression fittings are designed for connecting polyethylene pipes with an outer diameter of 20 125 mm.

" Arvand Kariz " clamp saddles are designed to use from 20 mm to 250 mm.

The quality of materials used makes these fitting resistant to etching by numerous chemical substance and UV-rays.

" Arvand Kariz " quality control division controls the production procedure from raw material to find production.


The management of company is according to ISO9001-2000 which certified by URS.




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